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Danish tech startups and #CPHFTW visit the U.S. Ambassador

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Danish tech startups and #CPHFTW visit the U.S. Ambassador


GIF by Martin Ferro-Thomsen, Conferize

On Monday January 25th, 2016 #CPHFTW had the honor of visiting U.S. Ambassador Rufus Gifford in his residence along with 13 Danish tech startups, U.S. companies and startups doing business in Denmark, and other industry people as well as politicians.

Ambassador Gifford invited us all to celebrate the entrepreneurial ties between the United States and Denmark by hosting a reception in honor of Charles H. Rivkin, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Department of State.

Both welcomed questions from the guests and invited the startups to write the embassy with questions regarding incorporation of companies in the U.S. as well as how to obtain investor visas. #CPHFTW are in contact with embassy and will follow up, and share the best practices with you all here on the blog and the website.

#CPHFTW was happy to get the opportunity to present the following startups and to have the tech startup scene represented to very interested and informed U.S. diplomats and officials on such a high level.

The invitation to attend and present is also evidence that the Danish tech startup scene has become a force in itself and a business sector that is to be taken seriously. By standing together in a community organization like #CPHFTW we can ensure that our voice is being heard and that we can further improve the conditions for the tech startups ecosystem.

Thanks to all the tech startups and the business angels:

The Eye Tribe
Siteimprove A/S
Endomondo / Under Armour
Be My Eyes
Søren Stig
Tommy Andersen

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