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What an awesome Townhall!
Thanks to everyone attending, all the great speakers and all the people helping out with making the event perfect. The weather was perfect (as one joked: 20 degrees warmer than in January) and many of the 500 people hanged around for beers, good food and networking.

Niels Hartvig brought an immense amount of truth and comedy to the stage show with his passionate talk.
Here are a few quotes from his talk:

“Love for the product should be your motivator!”

“People come for the bells and whistles, but they will stay if you get the basics right”

Also, a big round of applause to all the member startups of CPHFTW who make sure we are still going strong and can look to more activities and bigger impact in the future.

The date for the next Townhall is not set yet, but we can guarantee you more great speakers, hot startups and passionate community builders on stage as well as the networking aftershow. Stay tuned!

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If you have input or suggestions for the Townhall, want to contribute or regarding membership of CPHFTW please contact us on: [email protected]

On behalf of all the CPHFTW volunteers and the CPHFTW Support Group.
Christoffer H. Malling, head of CPHFTW



Keynote speakers


Niels Hartvig Founder of Umbraco

Niels is the founder of Umbraco and remains the project’s heart and soul. Niels started Umbraco in 2002 out of necessity but has maintained it out of love and now Umbraco has a life far beyond his wildest dreams. Niels is the inspiration behind Umbraco’s community focus, its dedication to quality, and its no-compromise approach to simplicity. He can be found improving bits of core functionality as often as he can be found encouraging others to take Umbraco to its limit.

Other than spreading the Umbraco love, Niels spends time with his wife and three sons and reminisces about his days producing music with his now dust-collecting analogue synths.

Stay connected with Niels; Website + Twitter + Niels’ presentation at TwentyThree


Morten Ebbesen   CEO & Founder of Siteimprove

Morten, who is still CEO of the company today, founded Siteimprove in 2003 in Denmark. It has since expanded to a multinational company with over 300 employees, more than a dozen international offices,  and a comprehensive product suite.

Siteimprove is experiencing high growth at all levels: revenue, profit, employees, and customers. It’s an exciting challenge to keep the original pioneer spirit at a global company employing hundreds of people worldwide.

Stay connected with Morten; Website + LinkedIn + Morten’s presentation at TwentyThree



Startup Presentations

Crediwire – presented by Morten Heick
Drinkz – presented by Michael Moss
Sure – presented by Alexandra Neczliova
Airhelp – presented by Nicolas Michaelsen


Community Invitations

Sketchapp – presented by Martin Sandholt
FooCafeCPH – presented by Nick Hawtin
Danish Tech Challenge – presented by Jakob Svagin
Startup Grind – presented by Sebastian Schwemer
Demodag – presented by Claus Dahl
React Native CPH – presented by Joshua Karjala-Svendsen
Trailerpark I/O – presented by Kaave Pour
Dribble meetup with Sketch founder – presented by Martin LeBlanc
TechBBQ – presented by Troels Jørgensen & Camilla Ley Valentin


Sponsors, Suppliers & Backers

THANKS! To our great sponsors and backers:

Templafy who bought us all beer.
TwentyThree for providing the video marketing platform and live product support.
Tacopop for dropping by and serving us up Cochinitas, Burritos, Tacos & Quesadillas.
Bike & Bake for riding by and baking us some delicious pizzas with their mobile wood fire pizza oven.
Frankee’s Coffee for taking their wagon out and serving us warm freshly brewed coffee.
NG Media for video documenting the whole event.
Live Company for the technical side of the production.
KPH Projects for providing the venue.



Many thanks to Erhvervsstyrelsen for granting us funds to make Townhalls #6 – #9 great.

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