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FREE sitzkartons

We’re all out of sitzkartons!

Sorry everyone – we’re all out of free sitzkartons.


If you have been to a #CPHFTW Townhall you have probably experienced the cardboard boxes people use to sit on.

They are called sitzkartons and they are amazing: you can easily fold them together, they take up very little space and weigh nothing.
If you would like 1 sitzkarton or 20 or 40 or more please write Ervin at [email protected]

You can pick them up next week at KPH Volume

Between 10 and 12 (noon) on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016.


Don’t forget to write Ervin on how many you would like.

Some of the sitzkartons are used but work perfectly.
Some of them have been drawn on, so you can get the #CPHFTW experience in your office.


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