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Idinvest – the examplary international VC

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Last year at this time no one on the Copenhagen tech scene knew Idinvest Partners. Now it is quite the opposite which Idinvest’s main man here, Guillaume Durao, wrote a post about in April (if you have not read this ode to Copenhagen, do yourself a favor and do so).

Idinvest came here and not only did they invest in great companies like Peakon and Planday along with local investors (Durao even invested privately in Tonsser). They brought more investors here to meet the best up-and-coming startups – together with CPHFTW. Investors who has since been active here and met with Danish startups abroad.

And now Jonathan Userovici, Durao’s right hand man, has done a great job of mapping +140 startups in Copenhagen and is sharing all the data with everyone. Kudos!

We are happy to help Idinvest with both events, sourcing, mappings like this and all future activities that might help the tech community.

A big round of applause for Jonathan, Guillaume and Idinvest for their approach to working with the tech startup community here.


Christoffer H. Malling
Head of CPHFTW



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