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Want to host a conversation at Townhall #7?

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Want to host a conversation at Townhall #7?

We have listened to your feedback from the last Townhall and decided to try a new concept out for Townhall #7, January 21st, 2016.

We call them ‘Mini Sessions’!

They are an experimental format for Townhall #7 which have the aim of creating more and better conversations as well as connections around certain topics – increasing the networking effect of having +700 people gathered.

Who can host a Mini Session:

Community builders of any kind (just like the ones we put on stage for the Community Invitations):

  • Meetup organizers
  • Startup organizations
  • Startup event organizers
  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Organizations improving the life of tech startups

The format is quite simple:

  • By the end of the stageshow the host will announce all Mini Session hosts (person and affiliation) from stage using a slideshow.
  • All Mini Session hosts will be standing at their “booth” waving and smiling, maybe holding a sign up as they are presented from stage.
  • After the final “see you next time and go find a mini session and meet somebody new” the crowd breaks up and goes to the desired mini session “booth”.
  • Once people have gathered, the Mini Session host lets everyone introduce themselves with only name and affiliation or interest.
  • The host introduces themselves and the area/organization/company/interest they represents.
  • The host ends the introduction with a burning question or topic for discussion – letting the crowd speak.
  • The host can bring as many representatives as they want and break out in smaller groups if they prefer.
  • After the event we would like written feedback from you as to how the mini session went and how many people attended.

If you are interested in hosting a Mini Session at Townhall #7 contact Ervin today!

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