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Below we have assembled some Frequently Asked
Questions about #CPHFTW.

Can I bring my non-tech friend/co-worker?

Sure! As long as they’re good people – and as long as they reserve a ticket just like you did!

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in several ways depending on how much love you have to share.

Join the conversation: You should first start by joining global conversation on Twitter and Facebook.
Create buzz/start discussions: Include #cphftw in your posts and start interesting discussions, helping us spread the word about Copenhagen.
Newsletter: Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to get the weekly updates from the startup scene in Copenhagen and Denmark.
Super(wo)man: Are you interested in sharing your competences, expanding your startup community skills, experience and network by helping out a truly historical movement and that is backed by some of the most promising startups to ever come out of Denmark? Then you have come to the right place. Learn more about opportunities to support #CPHFTWs mission here.

How can I spread the word out about #CPHFTW?

The easiest way to spread the news about #CPHFTW is to start using the hashtag “#CPHFTW” in your posts on Facebook, Twitter etc. and start sharing our community posts with your network.

How did #CPHFTW get its name?

The hashtag “#CPHFTW” was created a chilly December evening (2013) at a cozy inn in central Copenhagen where 70 influential entrepreneurs, VCs, business angels and community builders in Denmark, came together to work out ways to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Copenhagen.

The goal was to agree on a common name for the startup community in Copenhagen. A hashtag. The movement quickly began and many creative suggestions saw the light of day. In the end there could only be one name and so history was written with the letters, #CPHFTW. Common ground was found.

How do I get in contact with #CPHFTW?

You can get in touch with the #CPHFTW Team by writing an e-mail to [email protected] or submitting the contact form here. Feel free to reach out to us, anytime!

How does #CPHFTW help the startup community?

#CPHFTW helps the startup community in many ways. Firstly, we have created a platform that aggregates all news, events, spaces, activities and jobs from the startup ecosystem in Copenhagen – becoming a “one-stop shop” for everything related to tech startups. Secondly, we gather the entire startup community in Copenhagen by creating quartly Townhalls, assembling over 600+ entrepreneurs. Thirdly, we have a weekly newsletter that is sent out every Monday morning, giving the entire community an update on the news from the week that passed, latest funding and acquisitions and providing an overview of the interesting events to come.

How does #CPHFTW support startups?

#CPHFTW supports startups by focusing on creating value-adding initiatives. We create value for startups by providing a platform where they can showcase themselves to corporates and investors (startup directory). Furthermore, we help them with PR by including the latest announcements and press-releases in our weekly community newsletters.

Next up is to help startups with recruitment, creating a job-platform, where startups and potential employees can connect, helping push more talent on to the startup scene and upgrade events calendar where startups and organizers can submit events themselves. And best of all this is all in just 2 months. We are just getting started.

Do you have any great ideas? Share them with us and lets make them happen!

How is #CPHFTW funded?

As a non-profit organization, #CPHFTW is funded solely by 85 startups, who have helped our startup organization our feet. This money does not last forever, so we are already working on the coming steps of raising larger funds.

What activities is #CPHFTW working on?

You mean besides building spaceships and aiming for the Moon? We curate activities that are suggestions from startups themselves. Currently we have our Townhalls, Manifesto, Platform (you are looking at it) and arrangements where we bring international VCs to Copenhagen.

Our core is around community building and we put a lot of emphasis on aggregation and creating visibility to the currently initiatives that exist on the startup scene.

What can I expect from the venue?

KPH Volume is a great venue that invites us to network in a rough and cool environment.

What can I experience at Townhall?

Networking, Inspiring Keynotes, Very cold and free beers and Downtempo electronic music.

What does “By Startups For Startups” mean?

We are potentially the first organization in the world, which has been built from the very beginning purely by raising funds from startups. We are purely financed by Danish startups and we are a product of an industry that has decided to unite and take the lead in building the entrepreneurial landscape in which all of the startups operates. The goal is to bring the entire community together and work out ways to improve entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denmark centered around Copenhagen.

We believe that startups have the talents, the connections and the know-how needed to build a flourishing startup community and so our journey begins. Startups are leading the movement and helping create the value for the entire community.

What if I can’t join the event?

Welp. That’s too bad. Lucky for you our friends, TwentyThree, stream the Keynotes on the evening, as do they keep the videos on their website, so you’ll always have the option of re-visiting a Townhall.

What is #CPHFTW?

#CPHFTW is a neutral, non-profit grass root initiative that aims to strengthen the startup ecosystem of Copenhagen. We are backed by startups and in close collaboration with startups we both curate activities and support the activities that aim to improve the entire startup community in Copenhagen.

We aim to integrate a strong focus on building relationships, trust, knowledge and awareness in the danish startup community and our platform showcases all of the magic that is happening in Copenhagen. We bring people together to do great things. It’s a movement and everyone’s invited, including you.

What is #CPHFTW’s mission?

#CPHFTW’s mission is to lead a movement to unite the entire startup ecosystem in Denmark, centered around Copenhagen (hence the “CPH” in #CPHFTW). We want to help make the Danish startups become better. Simple as that.

We want to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship which spurs investment and encourages people to think big.

What is the hashtag “#CPHFTW” an abbreviation for?

#CPHFTW is a movement that initially that started as a hashtag to represent the tech scene within startups in Copenhagen. Whether #CPHFTW means “Copenhagen for the win”, “Copenhagen for the world” or even “Copenhagen for the women” is open for anyone to interpret.

Nonetheless, agreeing on a haghtag has given the startup community of Copenhagen a common voice through which the existence of the Danish startup scene can be echoed out in the world.

When was #CPHFTW started?

#CPHFTW saw the light of day on the evening of December 18th, 2013, where 70 entrepreneurs, investors, community builders and startup lovers gathered to talk about how we can work much more together in the community.

Where is #CPHFTW located?

Our legal seat is at the Admiral Gjeddes Gaard (Store Kannikestræde 10, 1169 København K) in Copenhagen, but you can find us at various co-working spaces around Copenhagen.

We sit at Rocket Labs on Wednesdays, Rainmaking Loft on Thursdays and Founders House every Friday, to connect with the startup community and to be within reach under all times.

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