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Biomicore invented the self-repairing computer.

Semiconductor insiders say the concern of faults in chips is growing. Accidents happen to airplanes, pacemakers and network routers, to name a few. System engineers experience higher demand for smaller, faster and safer systems, but smaller transistor sizes among others drives up the level of faults due to process variability and otherwise non-threatening radiation on Earth.

Now, imagine a chip that can dynamically heal itself. Imaging you can break a chip, and each part will continue running your application. This is the technology of Biomicore, which is inspired by biology and – like human cells – is a network of cells that may fully configure themselves and conduct a self-healing process or a substitution of fellow cells. Biomicore envisions a world of fault-free hardware and aim at being the trustee of choice in safety-backed chips by removing the pain of hardware faults.


Founded: 2012

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