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Travel Kollekt is a “on demand” inspiration platform and personal publishing tool. We give travellers authorship of their journeys. With Travel Kollekt you can gather inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

Travel Kollekt allow travelers to be present, giving space for more personal contact and meaningful interaction. We believe in individuality and the wisdom of the crowds. And we also want to prove that planning, sustainable travel and serendipity can go hand in hand.

We are bringing paper and books back into the traveling experience. We have taken it upon ourselves to liberate content from its current constrained formats and distracting social media. Instead we let you curate inspiration & expert content to create personal travel guides. We remain digital only to help you to enjoy the distinct experience of a printed book. We do this because memories in books have the power to last.

Together with Moleskine® we share a mission to support travellers, wherever they choose to go and however they choose to travel.


Founded: 2016

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